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Our mission: To make a significant and measurable contribution to the on-going success of our clients and...

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Wayne Berry, as President of Aquarius International and Certified Board Facilitator, brings a very unique combination of experience, talent, and knowledge to the issues and concerns of senior management.  Working closely with independent business owners and CEOs for over 25 years, he knows when project consulting is the right strategy AND WHEN IT IS NOT.  Another unique feature Wayne brings to the table is that he is the ONLY Certified Management Consultant in Central Missouri.  (Source: Institute of Management Consultants, Washington DC -- www.imcusa.org).  He specializes in consulting on the development, integration, and implementation of strategies impacting human resources, strategic planning, cost controls, management development, team building, sales & marketing, and exit strategies.  His input and counsel is so valued that he has served some clients continuously for over fifteen years. 

Consulting and Operations

While the vast majority of our assignments are entirely customized to the needs of our clients, some specific items appear to have universal appeal:  .

Management Diagnostic Questionnaire

Developed through years of working with clients, this proprietary tool provides a complete analytic diagnostic of an organization. Covering eleven dimensions, this instrument focuses on the continuity and harmony of the various disciplines working together to meet organization objectives.  It gives reinforcement of what is right and identifies problem areas.  Powerful and inexpensive, this tool is available on-line or on-site.  We recommend the diagnostics be reviewed every three years for fiscal health. Available in economy, oral report, or high detail written report modes.

Creed of the Unsuccessful Business Owner

A tongue-in-cheek review of the most common  errors made by management. Perhaps we see ourselves in the mirror.  Free upon request , this single page document  is suitable for framing,  and is a humorous reminder of what NOT to do.  Enhances any office or makes a great gift..

Confidential Employee Questionnaire

Employee perceptions of the workplace environment are of greater impact on motivation and productivity than is reality.  This service goes far beyond standard "surveys" and identifies potential human resource cancers within an organization. Comprehensive report analyzes in-depth responses and suggests management strategies. Effectively used by progressive & successful companies, this management tool is recommended to be used every three years to maintain a cohesive and loyal workforce.

Wayne Berry as your business co-pilot

In ultra simple terms, the process is this:  Where are you?  Where do you want to be?  How will you get there?  Wayne consistently helps identify the pathway, and then walks with you to ensure you reach your destination.  He is quoted as saying, "You don't know what you don't know, but once you do, dreams can become reality."  Yes, it's lonely at the top; however, you can still be in business for yourself, but no longer by yourself".

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Background & Business Activities: Aquarius International is a dynamic consultancy firm specializing in the delivery of solutions​
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Aquarius International has developed an outstanding reputation for quickly and efficiently getting to the core of the client's needs, desires and concerns.

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