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the costs of the project as we do not believe in "open-ended" ability to bill the client.  Unlike many firms, we are not motivated to move slowly.

If the scope of the assignment does not lend itself to a fixed price quote, Aquarius International uses a unique "draw-down retainer" process of billing.  This method starts with an agreed upon fixed number of hours of work and then drawn upon as the work progresses.  Like a gas tank in a car, it is "refilled" when it gets close to empty. In this manner, the client has entire control over billing costs.  Clients have applauded this feature.

Aquarius International has developed an outstanding reputation for quickly and efficiently getting to the core of the client's needs, desires and concerns.  Wayne Berry has designed a process by which we don't reinvent the wheel.  Instead we gather input through the use of our proprietary Management Diagnostic Questionnaire and Confidential Employee Questionnaire (see Home Page) thus saving considerable time and expense to the client.      

When engaged in a project, the client is furnished with a highly detailed step-by-step project outline so that progress may be tracked without confusion or wasted time. Periodic progress reports are furnished.  Typically, we flat rate 



Designed for organizations without a HR department to review (or set) policies & procedures consistent with effective human resource management tools and techniques.  Permits larger organizations (with HR department) to document and confirm HR policies & procedures are up to date, compliant, and being administered in proper fashion.  Included:​

Organizational Structure
Selection & Interviewing
Employment & Termination
Training & Career Development
Compensation & Benefits
Employee Retention 
Performance & Productivity
Motivation & Communication
Development of an Action Plan


A comprehensive 26 page document designed to provide insights into the current status (snapshot as it were) of the complete organization.  Its completion sets the stage for identifying, prioritizing, designing, and execution of strategies and procedures necessary for obtaining improvement.  Included:

Management Issues
Sales & Marketing
Human Resources
Strategic Planning
Operational Issues
Financial Issues
Personal Issues
Who-does-what Organizational Issues
Company & Personal Goals & Objective
Action Plan


Using an open-ended format, this procedure has been extremely effective in opening management's eyes to employee perceptions.  Completed questionnaires are not shared with management thereby maintaining confidentiality.  Misconceptions can be brought to light and corrected, and problems identified before they get out of control.  Extremely useful in developing and maintaining a dedicated and loyal workforce.  Should be utilized every three years for maximizing team effort.  Process includes individual questionnaires returned directly to us for compilation, review and analysis.  A written report is submitted to the client and reviewed on-site or remote.


Why don't most budgeting processes work?  Our client experience indicated most budgets were set using the WAG process.  You know what that means.  The numbers either came from 1) a review of the last year actual expenses, or 2) a guess based on a forecast of revised sales volume (which never came out right anyway).  There had to be a more accurate approach.  We saved one company $184,000 by going to zero based budgeting and linking it to a flexible budget  -- one that breathes and self corrects due to fluctuations in sales volume.  Our system includes:

                                                                Three-year comparative analysis
                                                                 Review and modification of Chart of Accounts (if necessary)
                                                                 Determine of fixed, variable, and semi-variable line items
                                                                 Establishment of a "norm" and running projections for any volume +/- 50% of norm
                                                                 Calculating the real break-even point and incremental profit
                                                                 Providing documentation and complete set of written standard procedures of keeping current

All businesses are different.  Our work is customized to the specific needs of the client, and no project is undertaken without a full and complete understanding and meeting-of-the-minds as to the scope of the work, what is included, cost, scheduling, and yes, every Project Outline contains a written guarantee of our work.  However, Aquarius International states that neither its principal (Wayne Berry), nor any member of its staff is licensed in the practice of law, and no opinions or counsel in any matters pertaining to law will be furnished to the client.